Publications 2016

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Cost reductions for offshore wind: Signs of progress, expectations for more, Utility Dive, with Ryan Wiser and Joachim Seel, December 07, 2016.

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California Has More Solar Power Than You Think—a Lot More, Greentech Media, August 11.

Can India Really Build 100 Gigawatts of Solar?, Greentech Media, July 21, 2016.

Green Groups Challenge PJM’s Capacity Performance Rules, POWER Magazine, July 11.

What Comes After Coal?, Energy Transition blog, June 27.

The Secret About Nuclear Power, Energy Transition blog, June 20.

Solving the Puzzle:  A Case Study of the Renewable Energy Leadership Prize, for the Boston Green Ribbon Commission, May 2016.

Do We Really Need Solar That’s Too Cheap to Meter?, Greentech Media, May 3.

How Should We Structure Performance-Based Regulation of Utilities?, Greentech Media, March 28.

New Reports Say CPP and Renewable Tax Credits Have Big Implications for the Power Sector, POWER Magazine, February 26.

Why the Future Looks So Promising for Utilities in a Distributed World (contributor), Greentech Media, February 11.

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