Publications 2014

Living the EV/PV Dream: How I Chose to Pair My Solar System With an Electric Car, Greentech Media, December 23.

PJM Tightens Capacity Market Rules to Improve Reliability, POWER Magazine, December 18.

FERC Order 745 and the Epic Battle Between Electricity Supply and Demand, POWER Magazine, December 18.

California Plans for Even More Renewable Power in Its Future, POWER Magazine, December 17.

Aligning Markets with Clean Energy Policy, Electricity Journal, December 2014. Also at Power Markets Project.

Salt River Project Looks to Tax Solar: Could It Stimulate Innovation on the Grid?, Greentech Media, December 5.

State RPS Laws Threatened by Price Caps and Federal Tax Expirations, POWER Magazine, November 19

NARUC Addresses the Marriage of Gas and Renewables, POWER Magazine, November 19

The Next Big Opportunity to Drop Balance-of-System Costs: Battery Storage, Greentech Media, November 3.

Why You Should Question the Value Proposition of Energy Storage, Greentech Media, October 17.

Buying Renewable Power for Data Centers Poses Major Challenges for Internet Companies, Greentech Media, October 8.

Texas & Germany: Energy Twins?, The Globalist, September 26 and The Energy Collective, November 10.

Study: Solar Will Cause Some Financial Trouble for US Utilities, But Won’t Drive Up Rates, Greentech Media, September 25.

Transforming the Power Grid: Lessons from Germany and Japan, Greentech Media, September 23.

Texas & Germany: Energy Twins?, POWER, August 28.

PJM May Expand Capacity Market Rules: A Handout to Fossil Fuels, Or a Needed Reliability Boost?, Greentech Media, August 13.

Germany Reforms Renewable Power Laws, POWER, July 11.

RWE’s Thomas Birr on Corporate Strategy in a Changing German Electricity Ecosystem, POWER, July 1.

How Texas Could Easily Met Carbon Regulations, Greentech Media, June 24.

Germany’s Renewable Energy Law is About to Look More American, Greentech Media,  June 11.

The Money Problem With Germany’s Renewable Energy Law in 3 Charts, Greentech Media,  June 5.

Are the Legacy Cost of Germany’s Solar Feed-In Tariff Fixable?, Greentech Media,  June 4.

Can Solar Compete in Retail Energy Choice Markets?, Greentech Media, May 27.

Hawaii Passes the Point of No Return on Distributed Generation, Greentech Media, May 24.

The US Midwest: A Leader in Clean Energy, essay for the Energy Foundation annual report, also printed in Renewable Energy World, May-June issue of the e-magazine.

UC San Diego is Building the Motel 6 of Microgrids, Greentech Media, May 19.

Can the Texas Solar Market Live Up to its Potential?, Greentech Media, May 12.

Fear and Loathing at the CPUC:  California Debates the Future of Solar, Greentech Media, April 25.

Surpassing Milestone of 100,000 Solar Roofs, PG&E Calls for ‘Sustainable’ Solar Policy, Greentech Media, April 21.

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Dealing with the Duck,” Public Utilities Fortnightly (PDF), with Michael Hogan, January 2014.

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Hawaii: Postcard from the Future of Energy,” Greentech Media, February 13, 2014.  Also on The Energy Collective, Renewable Energy World, and EcoWatch.

Government’s Role in a Rapidly Changing Power Sector,” guest blog for the Governing Institute, January 9, 2014.