Publications 2013

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How to Build a Clean Energy Grid,” The Energy Collective, December 5, 2013.  Also on SmartGridNews and ElectricityPolicy.  With John Jimison and Bill White.

Distributed Energy: The Power Sector’s Wild Card,” Greentech Media, November 26, 2013.  Also on SmartGridNews.

It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard: Making Renewable Energy Siting Easier,” Renewable Energy World, November 12, 2013.  With Carl Zichella.  Also Switchboard, the NRDC Blog and High Country News.

Smart Grid 101: The Past and Future of Demand Response,” Smart Grid News, October 29, 2013.

“The Official Explanation for the German Energy Transition,” the Energy Transition blog, October 28, 2013.  Also Energy Collective and Renewable Energy World.

Debate About the Future of Utilities Moves Deeper Into the World of Regulation,” Greentech Media, October 17, 2013.

Six Myths About Renewable Energy, and Seven Answers,” Renewable Energy World, September 26, 2013.  Also Energy Collective.

How to Make Distributed Energy an Ally, Not a Threat,” Greentech Media, September 23, 2013.  Also on Energy Collective and Renewable Energy World. With Joseph Weidman and Tom Beach.

Three Regulatory Models That Could Help Utilities Embrace the Future,” Greentech Media, September 17, 2013. With Ron Lehr.