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Videos that I appeared in, produced, wrote scripts for, or contributed to.
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Energy Explainer: The Fight Over Utility Fixed Charges

As new technologies make it easier to use less energy and produce your own, utilities are afraid their traditional business model is at risk. A more efficient and diverse energy system means less sales by traditional utilities, and declining revenues.

This short explainer from PaulosAnalysis describes what’s wrong with the utility solution to declining revenues. By imposing higher fixed charges, they are hurting low income and elderly customers, blocking innovative technologies like solar power, and creating disincentives to be more efficient.

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Bringing the Benefits of Solar Energy to Low-Income Consumers

A webinar on my paper for the Clean Energy States Alliance on low income solar policies.

Principles and Policies for LMI Solar

Two webinars that CESA did for the Solar in Your Community Challenge, a prize program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative.

Presentation to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners on Net Demand

A narrated slide show reprising my presentation at the NARUC Conference, December 2014, in San Francisco. Part of a panel on “lessons learned from Germany,” my talk focused on the implications of “net demand” in Germany and California.

Platt’s Energy Week

My appearance on Platt’s Energy Week, the weekly TV news show with Chris Newkumet. I spoke on behalf of America’s Power Plan.

America’s Power Plan

The trailer for America’s Power Plan, summarizing the project in two minutes. I interviewed some of the guests and helped produce the video.

A Day in the Life of the Grid

Based on a presentation by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), this short video describes how regional power markets work, how new transmission lines save money, and how wind power lowers costs. I conceived of the project, funded it, and edited the script.

How the Lights Stay On

This short video describes how the power system is a network, and how variable wind and solar generation are incorporated while maintaining reliability. I conceived of the project, funded it, and edited the script.

What is the Energiewende?

Rainer Baake, director of the Berlin think tank Agora Energiewende, describes the German energy transition (the Energiewende). I worked with Agora on the script and provided b-roll footage.