Media Data Visualizations

In this age of information overload, interactive data visualizations are becoming a good way to reach an audience that doesn’t have time to read articles and reports. They let the viewer customize the data to their own needs, ask their own questions, and tell their own stories.

PaulosAnalysis has expertise on visualization tools like Tableau, InfoGram, and others. We have made interactive maps, charts and dashboards for Berkeley Lab, Greentech Media, Energy Transition, and the Illinois Power Agency.

A few examples are below.

What is Specific Power?

This visualization was made using Tableau to accompany the Berkeley Lab report Wind Technologies Market Report, and used in a Utility Dive article.

Power purchase agreement (PPA) prices for utility-scale solar projects.

Also made with Tableau, with data from the annual Berkeley Lab report Utility Scale Solar.

CAISO generation on one day in March 2017

This figure shows the impact of solar on dispatch decisions in California. It was made using Infogram to accompany an article for Greentech Media, Too Much of a Good Thing? An Illustrated Guide to Solar Curtailment on California’s Grid. Click on the legend dots to toggle the data sets on and off.

DOE Forecasts of US Biopower Growth

This chart, made with Datawrapper, shows how Energy Information Administration has changed their annual forecasts for the growth of biopower — always down. It was made for an article on Energy Transition, on Dispelling Myths About Biopower.